David and I Have an Open Road Dream

Hey there followers! David and I have made the decision to open an Indiegogo campaign to help us accomplish our dreams. We would love to travel the U.S. while spreading our love for music and helping others. Should all go well, we will be logging our travels on this blog. Dave will play shows across the U.S. as a solo artist, and I will be logging every moment of our travels. I will also be posting video and pictures. Please share this blog post and our campaign- help us spread the word! Thank you! Much love xoxo


Here is the link:



“Summer Romance” by Pauly Paul Douglas

“Summer Romance” by Pauly Paul Douglas

This music video I am sharing is by none other than my childhood friend. He is beyond talented and I am so thankful he allowed me and Dave to be a part of his video. (Kudos to you Paul for chasing your dreams. You deserve it all!) The song is so catchy, definitely a summer hit! Check it out. The video was taken by another friend of mine, Brett Vance who does absolutely amazing work as you will see. Enjoy 😉