Taking a Break from Social Media

Over a week ago, I decided to give up Facebook for a while. A lot had happened the day that I decided to give Facebook a break, and I decided to deactivate my account to focus more on my current situation. I found that relinquishing my addiction (of sorts) to social media has helped me to focus more on the things that really matter.

Since I have taken my break from Facebook, I have been way more productive. I don’t find myself wrapped up in the lives of others, nor do I spend countless hours talking with friends in a virtual world. My time has been spent more wisely and a lot more is being accomplished.

I am a writer and although Facebook greatly helps me to promote myself, it also deters me from writing. For about a year, I have been a part of the local music scene. I have been on a few radio podcasts as a host, helped book some local shows, and even helped manage a few bands. However, none of these accomplishments paid. Local musicians need all of the support and help they can get and many of them are “starving artists.” As much as I enjoy helping the bands I love, my financial situation started to become an issue.

My decision to let go of Facebook was solely due to my current financial situation and love life. Dave and I began arguing more and more. I took a step back to reflect and realized that I let Facebook control my jealousy. Even though my hand in the music industry and my social media networking had led me to find the love of my life, it was also the reason that my relationship was suffering. I had often found myself jealous over other women on Facebook that were associated with my boyfriend’s account. We both deactivated our Facebooks on the same day.

Ever since the day we deactivated the accounts, our relationship has become more fruitful. We still have a lot to conquer in our lives and in our relationship, but it is certain that we continue down the right path. Not to mention, I have been writing more, and have had more time to reflect on nature and the other things I enjoy. I have even erased three years worth of emails from my secondary email account (a big feat for me). The productivity level in our lives is in full force. I’ve even began writing my second novella, which tells of the struggles Dave and I faced since we have met.

I have decided not to reactivate my Facebook account until my novella is completed and I have self-published it for all to read. I figure this would be a great way to come back to the realm of social media and to share with all of my friends exactly what Dave and I have been battling in our personal lives and in our relationship. A beautiful story with an ugly tale.



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